Domestication Phenotypes

Domestication trait phenotypes for our custom teosinte-maize populations.


File NameDescriptionRef.ChrFormatRelease DateSize
Studer_Doebley_2012_Genetics_data-120507.xlsxPhenotypic and genotypic data from Studer and Doebley. 2012. Evidence for a natural allelic series at the maize domestication locus teosinte branched 1. Genetics 191: 951-958.  Excel20120507 
Studer_2011_NatGenet_tb1_data-110706.xlsxPhenotypic and genotypic data from Studer et al. 2011. A transposon insertion in the maize gene tb1 functions as an enhancer and was a causative variant for change in plant architecture during maize domestication. Nature Genetics 43: 1160-1163.  Excel20110706 
Studer_Doebley_2011_Genetics_data-110405.xlsxPhenotypic and genotypic data from Studer and Doebley. 2011. Do large effect QTLs fractionate? A case study at the maize domestication QTL teosinte branched 1. Genetics 188: 673-681.  Excel20110405 

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