MNase HS regions

MNase HS regions from root and shoot tissues of maize seedlings. Files are in bed format. The 3 columns are: chromosome, start position, end position. The coordinates are 0-based and end-exclusive.

[Citation] PMID:27185945

File NameDescriptionRef.ChrFormatRelease DateSize
AP.bfthresh1.1.MNaseHS.Ranges.datMNase HS regions from shoot tissue of seedlings.agpv3 bed 5.2MB
RP.bfthresh1.1.MNaseHS.Ranges.datMNase HS regions from root tissue of seedlings.agpv3 bed 3.0MB

[CyVerse Data Store file path*]: /iplant/home/shared/panzea/annotations/
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