50K SNP chip genotypes

Illumina MaizeSNP50 BeadChip genotypes.

[Citation] Cook et al. (2012) Plant Physiology 158:824

File NameDescriptionRef.ChrFormatRelease DateSize
Cook_etal_2012_SNP50K_maize282_AGPv1-111202.zipMaizeSNP50 genotypic data for 282 inbred association panel from Cook et al. 2012. Genetic architecture of maize kernel composition in the nested association mapping and inbred association panels. Plant Physiology 158: 824-834.AGP1 zip/hapmap201112024601617
SNP55K_maize282_AGP3_20190419.hmp.txt.gzMaizeSNP50 genotypic data for 282 inbred association panel. Converted to AGPv3 coordinates. SNPs that cannot be converted were dropped. The alleles in the file is based on the strand of the probes on the array, not the strand of the reference.AGP3 gz/hapmap 4314054

[CyVerse Data Store file path*]: /iplant/home/shared/panzea/genotypes/SNPs/
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