Maize HapMapV3.2.1 genotypes (with imputation by LinkImpute, AGPv3)

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The HapMapV3 study used whole genome sequence data from 1210 maize lines. From these data, genotypes were called for 83 million SNPs (30 million SNPs marked with "LLD" are high confidence markers). The imputation was performed with LinkImpute. The merged_flt_c*vcf.gz files are smaller, but have no DP (read depth) and GL (genotype likelihood) for each genotype. The c*_hmp321_withDPGL_imputed.vcf.gz files have the DP and GL tag. The bam files used for construction of HapMapV3 are available though CyVerse Data Store. Click here for instruction to access the bam files.. Users from China please download from this link:

[Citation] Bukowski et al. (2015)

File NameDescriptionRef.ChrFormatRelease DateSize
merged_flt_c1.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv31VCF3/3/20164.09GB
merged_flt_c2.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv32VCF3/3/20163.16GB
merged_flt_c3.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv33VCF3/3/20163.08GB
merged_flt_c4.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv34VCF3/3/20163.12GB
merged_flt_c5.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv35VCF3/3/20162.60GB
merged_flt_c6.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv36VCF3/3/20162.14GB
merged_flt_c7.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv37VCF3/3/20162.24GB
merged_flt_c8.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv38VCF3/3/20162.14GB
merged_flt_c9.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv39VCF3/3/20162.14GB
merged_flt_c10.imputed.fixed.vcf.gz AGPv310VCF3/3/20161.93GB

[CyVerse Data Store file path*]: /iplant/home/shared/commons_repo/curated/Qi_Sun_Zea_mays_haplotype_map_2018/
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