From this page you can obtain the latest public "flat file" versions of prepackaged, phenotypic data sets.

This project has collected and released phenotypic data for numerous agronomic, developmental, and domestication-related traits collected in the maize 282 or Ames inbred association panels, the NAM population, or custom teosinte-maize populations.
  • Maize 282 association panel phenotypes (+/- NAM) [more]
    Phenotypes for either our "Maize 282" Association panel alone, or the 282 and NAM panel combined.
  • NAM phenoytypes [more]
    Phenotypes for our maize Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population.
  • USDA Ames inbred collection phenotypes [more]
    Phenotypes for the complete USDA Ames collection of maize inbreds.
  • Domestication Phenotypes [more]
    Domestication trait phenotypes for our custom teosinte-maize populations.